Energy GB trading under Prestige Business Services is an organisation part of the Green Gas certification scheme. We have specialist traders in order to tailor specific deals to the needs of our trade partners. Energy GB operates and trades the following certifications:

1. GoO - Guarantees of Origin.

In operation, a GoO is a green label or tracker that guarantees that one MWh of electricity has been produced from renewable energy sources. Guarantees of origin are traded. When a company buys guarantees of origin, as documentation for the electricity delivered or consumed, the guarantees of origin are cancelled in the electronic certificate registry. This single standardized instrument makes it possible to track ownership, verify claims and ensure that guarantees of origin are only sold once and that there is no double counting.

In their most accomplished form, guarantees of origin are issued electronically for a controlled quantity of electricity generation (1 GoO per MWh), traded and redeemed (i.e. used) by suppliers as evidence to their customers of the quality of the delivered electricity. Generation from renewable energy sources is the most sought-after attribute. A new development concerns guarantees of origin for cogeneration heat plants (or CHP). Some countries already have guarantees of origin issued for all types of electricity generation.

2. REGO - Renewable energy Guarantees of Origin.

One REGO certificate is issued per megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible renewable output to generators of renewable electricity.

The purpose of the certificate is to prove to the final customer that a given share of energy was produced from renewable sources. As such, the primary use of REGOs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland is for FMD. FMD requires licensed electricity suppliers to disclose to potential and existing customers the mix of fuels (coal, gas, nuclear, renewable and other) used to generate the electricity supplied.

3. RGGO - Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin.

The GGCS IS system labels each registered kWh of green gas electronically with a unique identifier known as a Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO), rounded to the nearest kWh. This identifier contains, for each kWh of green gas, information in code form about:

  • the technology and feedstock from which it was produced (for example, biogas from AD, landfill gas or syngas from gasification)
  • the month and year in which it was produced (MM/YY)
  • the part of the UK in which it was produced (England, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland)
  • the registered producer
  • the kWh number, part of a sequence or range relating to that producer’s green gas injected into the grid that month.

4. ROC - Renewable obligation certificates.

ROCs are essentially the green certificates issued to electricity generators and bought by suppliers to show that they have fulfilled the Renewables Obligation (RO).

A ROC is issued to the operator of an accredited renewable energy generating station for every MWh of renewable electricity it generates. ROCs are ultimately used by suppliers to demonstrate that they have met their obligation.

A supplier's obligation is calculated by: Supplier obligation (ROCs) = Total electricity supplied (MWh) x Obligation level (ROCs/MWh)